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White Oak Aikido Calcot
offering classes in Reading in the Japanese martial art of Aikido since 1991

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YMCA, Parkside Road, Reading, Berkshire RG30 2DD

Martial Arts near Calcot

Martial arts training near Calcot, Reading: Learn more about Aikido

Aikido near Calcot, Reading, Berkshire

Thursdays 19.30-21.30
Sundays 16.30-18.30

Start whenever you choose!
Taster session - FREE.
 Eight-week rolling
Aikido Foundations Course
Eight-week course £60.

For more information or phone:01256227448

N.B. You must be over 18 to train.

Member comment: "I tried a few martial arts and found Aikido intriguing.  It doesn’t rely on superior strength or flexibility."

Aikido throwLooking for martial arts training near Calcot, Reading? The White Oak Aikido dojo offers training for new starters on Thursdays and/or Sundays, just along the A4 at the YMCA at the end of Parkside Road. You can come along for a free taster session, where you'll be able to find out more about Aikido, as well as having a chat to the teachers and the other students, so you can find out whether Aikido is the martial art you want to train in.

What is Aikido?
Aikido is derived from the techniques used on the battlefields of Japan by the famous samurai warriors.  These techniques and the martial art of Aikido have now evolved into an effective way of self-defence and self-development, which can be practised safely by almost anyone. You don't need superior strength or super fitness to train in Aikido, but you'll find a variety of benefits from your training, like gaining more
self-confidence, flexibility, relaxation and overall fitness, as well as improving your posture.

What's the training like?
White Oak Aikido benefits from having both a 6th dan male and 4th dan female coach to lead training sessions, and all
our coaches hold British Aikido Board coaching qualifications. White Oak Aikido is dedicated to ensuring that all your training is not only fun, interesting and challenging, but also is offered in a non-competitive and non-aggressive environment, so you can learn effectively and gain confidence in your martial arts skills.

The Aikido Foundations Course
As a beginner, you'll be invited to join our eight-week Foundations Course, which costs only £60, including online access to the
White Oak Aikido training video and the White Oak Aikido e-handbook, as well as one training session a week on either Sunday or Thursday. You're welcome to train at more sessions if you want to, of course!

Find out more about Aikido near Calcot for self-defence and self-development

Want more information? Please call us on 01256227448 or email us

Watch our Aikido video here!
Not what you'll be doing when you start, but sometimes our more senior grades like to show off a bit!

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