Qi Gong Workshops near Basingstoke
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Saturday Half-day Qigong Workshops in Bramley

 Learn Qi Gong in Bramley near Basingstoke

Covering Qi Gong basic movements and designed to offer real benefits to you in your life, half-day, Qi Gong workshops on Saturday afternoons are now available in Bramley. These basic Qi Gong courses are centred around the Dragon & Tiger set. You can attend once or as often as you like. If you're learning with me for the first time, you'll go away with a mini Qi Gong set that you can practise at home on your own. If you have attended my weekly Reading Qi Gong classes or my weekly Basingstoke Qi Gong classes before, I will work with you to deepen and broaden your practice. Just click on  the link below if you have any questions. Future dates are dependant on demand, so please register your interest. The cost for the workshop is £45 on the day or £35 when booked in advance.

Register your interest - Qi Gong workshops in Bramley

What will I learn on the Qi Gong course?

During these monthly Qi Gong workshops, we will look at Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong, Qigong
                    course in Basingstoke - cherry treeeither the mini set of three movements or up to all seven movements, adding additional components into any of those seven movements of Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong. We may also train in Qi Gong warm up and preparation exercises, standing and sitting body alignments, cloud hands, sensing Qi, sinking Qi and outer dissolving exercises. All the work we do during these Qi Gong workshops will be aimed at reducing stress, increasing your sense of health and wellbeing, releasing stuck Qi, getting you into and aware of your body and improving your capacity for relaxation.

I've never done anything like this Qi Gong stuff before...

That's OK, total beginners are very welcome and you'll learn techniques designed to offer practical solutions to the stresses of modern life - practices that you can do at home on your own in just a few minutes every day and, in fact, any time you feel you need them. Exercises can be done standing, or sitting on a chair, depending on your personal capacity. The only requirement is that you should be over 18. You don't need to have attended my weekly Qi Gong classes to come to these workshops or to do so in the future, although you are very welcome, if you wish to reinforce the material taught on the workshop.

Qi Gong: developed over thousands of years and directly relevant to the stresses of today

For more information about Qi Gong workshops in Bramley, please email me or phone me - Simon Thackeray (01256227448)

Testimonial from Gabrielle Pope,
Director, Victoria's Promise Women's Network Basingstoke:

"Simon ran an hour-long introduction to Qi Gong for the young women supported by Victoria's Promise. Whilst ensuring that everyone was comfortable with the movements Simon gave an interesting and captivating insight into the background of Qi Gong. Our ladies really enjoyed learning the 'Waving Hands like Clouds' movement, finding it grounding and relaxing. An excellent Qi Gong taster, leaving the entire group keen to continue learning and practising!"
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