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offering classes in Reading in the Japanese martial art of Aikido since 1991

...the way of the warrior         ...the way of harmony
YMCA, Parkside Road, Reading, Berkshire RG30 2DD
Caversham Heights Methodist Church Hall,
74 Highmoor Road, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire RG4 7BG

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Not what you'll be doing when you start, as we'll be taking it easy and teaching you the basics.


Interested? Try a free taster session at White Oak Aikido Reading YMCA or Caversham

Please phone 07743301199 or email us for more information

To find out more about getting involved in the martial art of Aikido in Reading:

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Aikido Training Times and venues for the Aikido clubs at Reading YMCA and Caversham Heights Methodist Church Hall.
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