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White Oak Aikido was established in 1991

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Whitton Community Hall, Penybont Road, Whitton, Knighton, Powys LD7 1NP

Aikido in Whitton Knighton Powys

Learn Aikido - a Japanese martial art

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Mondays 19:00-21:00

N.B. You must be over 18 to train.

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Beginners Welcome

Come along to a free taster class at Whitton Aikido Knighton and find out if this Japanese martial art is for you. Class times are 19:00 to 21:00 every Monday. We welcome beginners at any session and you don't have to be fit (to start with) or to have trained before. You'll need to be over 18, but we have members in their 50s and 60s too. For more information about what to expect at your first session, go to our Info for Beginners page, drop us an email or give us a call - we're always happy to talk about Aikido!       >    >    >    >    >    >    >    >    >

Aikido throw
                        KotegaeshiWhat is Aikido?

Aikido comprises a range of techniques for evading attacks and throwing or immobilising an attacker. We also work with Aikido weapons, the Jo and Bokken. The focus in our training is to maximise the power and effectiveness of the body. Overall, training in Aikido will help you achieve improved coordination, balance, flexibility, fitness, posture and physical resilience. Working with your body and working with your training partners in Aikido is also an incredibly enjoyable experience. Aikido training at Whitton is focused on developing and learning in a non-competitive and non-aggressive environment. During the early twentieth century, Morihei Ueshiba, usually referred to as O Sensei or Great Teacher, founded Aikido, a martial art largely inspired by his study of the older Japanese martial art of Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu.

Where is Aikido in Whitton?

We're right by the crossroads in the centre of Whitton near Knighton Powys in the Whitton Community Hall, just behind the Old School, Museum, Exhibition & Teaching Centre. There is off-road parking directly opposite the Centre. Find Whitton Aikido on Google Maps. What3Words: duck.snows.crispier

The Aikido classes in Whitton are only six minutes by car from Knighton, nine minutes from Presteigne, 16 minutes from Kington, 20 minutes from Leintwardine and Clun, 24 minutes from Llandrindod Wells and 30 minutes from Craven Arms and Leominster. Being so central to North Herefordshire, South Shropshire and East Powys means you'll find the dojo in Whitton easy to get to from any of the surrounding towns and villages.

How much does Aikido cost?

Your first session is free! Then there's an annual membership of £30 (waged) or £15 (unwaged). After your free taster class, you can pay per session at £7.00 per two-hour session or pay £20 a month and attend all weekly sessions in the month. When you're ready and before your first grading, you'll need a training uniform. These cost around £25.

                        weapons trainingWho are the Aikido teachers in Whitton?

You'll have access to over 70 years of Aikido experience! Simon holds the rank of 6th dan and started training in 1980. For many years, he was a student of Haydn Foster Sensei, one of the great pioneers of Aikido in the UK when it was first taught here in the 1950s. Trish, 4th dan, started training at Reading University in 1993. Find out more about the instructors at Whitton Aikido Powys.  

Watch our Aikido video here!
Not what you'll be doing when you start, but sometimes our more senior grades like to show off a bit!
Find out more about getting involved in the martial art of Aikido in Whitton and Reading:
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Info for Beginners - some more details about Aikido and what to expect if you come along to either our Reading or Whitton dojos.
Or please Contact us if you have any questions about Aikido classes in Reading or Whitton.

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