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Just turn up to training on any Monday during term time 20:00-22:00
at the London Road Campus Gym

First training session is FREE

  • A Japanese martial art: a self-defence system using throws, immobilisations and weapons
  • Training is non-competitive and non-aggressive
  • Improve your fitness, flexibility, awareness, confidence and reaction speed
  • Develop powerful, effective technique, efficient movement and body/mind co-ordination
  • Beginners welcome throughout the year - don't worry if you're not very fit, flexible or active to start with
The Reading University Aikido Club offers martial arts training to students and staff. We train once a week during term time at the London Road Campus Gym  (Building 28) on Mondays 20.00-22.00, and can often be found in the campus bar afterwards. The gym is about 15-20 minutes walk from most halls. We also offer special rates to Reading University Aikido Club members who also want to train at the Aikido club at the YMCA on Thursdays and Sundays or at the Caversham Heights Methodist Church Hall dojo on Tuesdays.

If you're not sure if Aikido is right for you, why not come and just watch a session and have a chat with some of the members or have a go - your first session is free and there's no commitment. Just wear something you can move in (t-shirt and track suit trousers are ideal).

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Aikido at Reading UniversityAikido at  Reading University London Road dojo                                  03Reading University AikidoAikido at    Reading University London Road Dojo                                  02

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