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Haydn Foster Sensei in Books and Magazines

Haydn Foster Sensei wrote the foreword to the book 'Aikido: Traditional Art and Modern Sport' by Brian N. Bagot, which was first published in 1990. Probably better known as a Zen Judo practitioner and teacher, Brian Bagot was also at the time a member of an Aikido club.

If you just want to read the foreword then you can take a chance on the Amazon Look Inside feature and sometimes it's one of the random pages being shown, or you could just buy it and read the whole thing.

Article in Hakama Magazine
This is an article in 'Hakama' magazine dated May/June, 1996, courtesy of David Lynch Sensei, about Haydn Foster Sensei's visit to his dojo during a tour of New Zealand organised by Kyu Shin Do.

A quote from the article:

"Haydn Foster said there was no major difference between what he learned in the early fifties from top Japanese Senseis living in Europe to what he teaches now.

He said he did not believe in criticising anyone else's aikido but people were welcome to reject any of his teaching that they disagreed with."

Interview with Foster Sensei in
                            Traditional Karate magazine

An interview with Haydn Foster Sensei about Aikido was published in Traditional Karate magazine in April 2002.

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Foster Sensei
                                teaching the jo
Haydn Foster Sensei teaching the jo at the Aikido Summer School in Treforest.

Foster Sensei in New Zealand
                                  in a forest arms widespread
Foster Sensei enjoying the air in New Zealand.

Foster Sensei doing Shihonage
                                  with a postman figure
Foster Sensei in a less serious moment in New Zealand.

Foster Sensei watching a jo
                                practice at the Aikido Summer School in
Foster Sensei teaching the jo at the Aikido Summer School in Treforest.

Foster Sensei enjoys a pint